Tucson Antique Mall
Tucson Antique Mall 2018


This building made a great location for the Tucson Antique Mall
Most importantly, this building made a great mid-town location for the Tucson Antique Mall

Most notably, The Tucson Antique Mall is begins life in 1993. First of all, the purpose for establishing this business is to provide a location for people to sell antiques and jewelry. Equally important, people rent individual booths and showcases. Consequently, this provides the public with a location to sell their wares. Additionally, this concept saves them the time and expense of opening their own storefront.

Furthermore, we provide space, advertising, and professional management. Hence, they do not have to work at the shop. Consequently, they are able to spend their time “hunting and gathering.” Especially relevant, they provide their own merchandise, pricing and display. 

As a result, this is an winning formula since 1993. As a matter of fact, we enjoy repeat customers who come from all over the world. Most noteworthy, the Tucson Antique Mall is especially busy with international customers during the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show every February. As a result, Fall and Winter are our busy seasons. Furthermore, snowbirds flock to the warm Southwest from all over the United States. Finally, please click ⇒HERE⇐ for additional information about the Tucson Antique Mall.

Fort Lowell Antique Show c. 1990

Fort Lowell Antique Show c. 1990  Our neighbor, across the tree lined road, hit a water main. (Bad for our Business)

Fort Lowell Antique Show c. 1990

Christy inside a rented truck with our Fort Lowell Merchandise to sell

Fort Lowell Antique Show c. 1990

Setting up the booth at Fort Lowell Antique Show

Leaving Fort Lowell Antique Show after a Long Day

Leaving the Fort Lowell Antique Show after a long day

Christy Schannep, future antique mall co-owner participating in a Foothills Shopping Mall Antique Show in 1992 

Christy at the Foothills Mall Antique Show

Christy of Tucson Antique Mall inside the Foothills Mall. Flow Blue China in foreground  

Christy at the Foothills Mall Antique Show   

Christy with showcase full of smalls, Foothills Mall 1992

Tucson Antique Mall at the Foothills Mall Antique Show    Christy at the Tucson Mall Antique Show


Christy working at our MOVING SALE “Ask Us About the Antique Mall Opening August (1993)”

Creations by Christy...steampunk in 1992?
CREATIONS BY CHRISTY … original steampunk in 1992!

By the same token, Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy. Furthermore, it incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. * according to Wikipedia                               

Equally important, we conduct our SEMI-ANNUAL ANTIQUE SWAP MEETS in our rear parking lot 1993 – 1998                                                                                 ** In conclusion, we cancel our antique swap meets when Pima County Government enter the antique swap meet business *

Tucson Antique Mall swap meet in full bloom    Ridge, Richard and Vicky at the Tucson Antique Mall swap meet          

Tucson Antique Mall at the Lew Sorenson Show on Sunday, October 4th, 2009
Finally, Tucson Antique Mall booth at the Lew Sorenson Antique Show Sunday, October 4th, 2009

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